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Institute of Human Genetics, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf 

Centrosomes and cilia in brain development and cancer



Radio interview about organoids!!

Two CPAP/Sas-4 papers. Fine with this year!!

1. New paper in Cell Reports!!

Our dream work on Plk1 regulating mitotic Sas-4 function has now been accepted in Cell Report!!

Congratulations to Anand and thanks to the reviewers!!

2. New paper in EMBO Journal!!

Our dream work is now in EMBO Journal!! Congratulations to Dr. Arul and thanks to the reviewers!!

This work identifies CCB02, a novel tubulin binder that inhibits CPAP-Tubulin interaction to activate centrosomes.

CCB02 activates extra centrosomes, prevents centrosomes clustering and specifically kills cancer cells with extra centrosomes.


This work thus additionally supports that extra centrosomes can be targeted for potential cancer therapeutics !!

Contact us for CCB02.