The Laboratory for Centrosome and Cytoskeleton Biology  

Institute of Human Genetics, Universitätsklinikum Jena, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena


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The lab moves to Jena, City of Light and Science!!!

From August 2024, the new location for the CCB will be functional at the Institute of Human Genetics, University Hospital Jena, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena. The lab will be located  at the Center for Translational Medicine .


September 2023

FOR5547 is approved !!. Excellent teamwork by a group of cilia labs.

DFG Funds Eight New Research Units, and one of them is ours!!

How do cells assemble into tissues and keep them intact? This is what the Research Unit “Deciphering the role of primary ciliary dynamics in tissue organisation and function” would like to determine. The researchers are focusing their attention on the primary cilia – cell components that protrude from the surface of cells and perceive and transmit signals. They play a key role in the development and organisation of tissues in a healthy and diseased state. The Research Unit is combining specialists from cell and developmental biology, biophysics and biochemistry as well as medicine to find out more about how they work. They will jointly investigate the cilia in different cell types using various methods and models. (Spokesperson: Professor Dr. Jay Gopalakrishnan, HHU Düsseldorf)

January 2023

Glioma invasion assays as a predictive tool for personalized glioma medicine