The laboratory for centrosome and cytoskeleton biology

Center for molecular medicine, University of Cologne, Germany

Centrosomes and cilia in brain development and cancer


1. Commentary in Cancer Discovery

Goranci-Buzhala G, Gabriel E, Mariappan A, Gopalakrishnan J* Losers of Primary Cilia Gain the Benefit of survival. Cancer Discovery 12, 1374-1375 (2017).

2. New collaborative work on BICD2 mutations increase microtubule stability and cause defects in axonal and NMJ development. Human Molecular Genetics Published online: 08 March 2018 (2018).

2. Seminars and Talks

Jay gives a talk at the NRW stem cell meeting on photosensitive brain organoids May 4-5, 2018

Jay gives a talk at the brain tumor meeting at Baja sardina, May 11-12, 2018