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Favourite quotes and narratives that profoundly affected me


-From the Neanderthaler Museum in Düsseldorf


How the rich gets richer and how the poor helps the rich..!




Favourite Quotes:


  • Every adversity has a seed that contains an equal or a greater benefit! - Read it somewhere


  • If you want to see your dream come true, train your students and colleagues, inspire them, be open, give them the lead and responsibility.  -Self-experienced


  • I always hire folks who are better than me!! -Self-experienced


  • Competition in science is like climbing the ladder. The rungs are crowded and occupied at the beginning. But when you reach the top, it will be empty. -Self-experienced


  • There is no chance to fail unless you give up! -Self-experienced


  • Would you please stand up and look at people when they think they failed you? You will see in their eyes that they are scared of you!!. That's the beginning of your success. -Self-experienced


  • Try not to be intelligent among fools. You will fool yourself. -Self-experienced


  • If you are terrified, petrified, dominated, and trashed by someone for no logical reason, be assured that you are correct and the opponent is afraid of you. At this point, first, pardon this person and teach them the right thing. -Self-experienced


  • One can train anyone as long as they are interested in learning. But, you cannot train a smart one who is uninterested in learning. -Self-experienced